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Extron and Inline
A Natural Combination

If you haven't heard by now, we have combined the operations — sales, marketing, engineering, product development, and production of Extron and Inline, Inc. The combined group will be known as Extron and will continue to focus on providing the highest quality audio-video (AV) products, education and industry-leading customer support to you, our world-class AV dealers and consultants.


Owning both companies was very effective in the past. Although competing in some product categories, the two organizations focused on different products that suited the strengths of each. As the industry matured and both organizations grew, it became clear both companies would be stronger working as one. As a result, we will be able to provide more product solutions to you sooner. The combination of Extron and Inline will enhance our efforts to lead the AV industry in "glue" product development in support of you, our customer.

How will this affect you? In the short term, the way you conduct business with either company will not change. INLINE PRODUCTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE, as are Inline sales, product and technical support personnel — all through existing Inline communication channels and now through Extron.

In the long term, you will see some changes to our product lines. Many of the Extron and Inline products complement each other, and some products offer identical functionality. Where duplication exists, one of the two products will be phased out. Be assured we have not eliminated Inline product lines, regardless of industry rumors.

To the contrary, the combined Extron and Inline products are stronger and growing. By capitalizing on the strengths of each organization, we are accelerating the creation and delivery of system integration solutions. For example, Inline's twisted pair (Cat 5) products and technology combined with Extron's provide a more complete system solution especially when combined with our recently introduced 8 X 8 twisted pair (Cat 5) matrix switcher, the TPX 88/TPX 88A. I expect many new and exciting product developments to come from the pairing of Extron and Inline.

Many of Inline's key personnel have been integrated into Extron's organization, creating a more experienced staff to meet your product and solution needs in the future:

  • Art Garcia, Inline's President, joins Extron as a Vice President reporting to me.
  • Mike Andrews, Inline's Vice President of Marketing, joins Extron as Director of Marketing, reporting to Lee Dodson, Vice President of Marketing.
  • Manfred Schneider, Inline's Vice President of Engineering, joins Extron as Vice President of Engineering, reporting to Brian Taraci, Vice President of Research and Development.

Thank you for your support during this transition. We welcome those Inline dealers who may be working with Extron for the first time. If you have any questions, please contact me or your customer support representative.

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