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A Message to Extron UK & Ireland Dealers and Customers

By now you have received notice from RGB Communications, LTD that they no longer intend to represent the Extron line of products in the UK and Ireland. First, we want to thank RGB Communications for their support of Extron over the past 14 years. Earlier this year we realized that the market had outgrown the capabilities of a distributor and we informed RGB of our intentions to sell directly to our dealers in the UK. We had worked out a long term plan to disengage slowly and even continue our relationship with some products into the future. This we believed would give RGB time to adapt and you, our dealers, time to adjust. However, RGB has chosen to cut short their representation of Extron product suddenly. Our main concern now is that you, our customers, continue to receive the best Service, Support and Solutions Extron is known for worldwide.

I want to personally assure you of Extron's commitment to the UK market and invite each and every dealer who purchased Extron products through RGB Communications to purchase directly from us now. Although we did not intend for this transition to occur so abruptly, I am confident you will end up benefiting greatly with a direct relationship with Extron. A direct relationship between dealers, consultants and the manufacturer will be more productive and competitive than going through secondary distribution. With products as sophisticated as many of ours have become, it is critical to have access to the knowledge, training and support resources you can only get from the manufacturer.

Looking forward, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that Graham Vincent has joined Extron as our new UK Account Manager. Graham, based in London, is most recently from Shen Milsom & Wilke UK and will be supporting all of our UK and Ireland dealers and consultants. Effective immediately, we are fully prepared to offer all Extron products to UK dealers with direct pricing in Pounds (GBP) and in Euros to dealers in Ireland at highly competitive prices. Shipping will be free for all orders greater than £500 with a two day delivery capability anywhere in the UK and Ireland. Our outstanding S3 sales and technical support hotline is available toll-free to anyone in the UK and Ireland at +800 3987 6673. To establish a direct account with Extron, please contact Extron Europe through this number and we will expedite activation of your account to minimize disruption of your business.

Please check our new Extron UK website located at frequently for up-to-date information and news specific to the UK and Ireland region. Authorized Extron Dealers are able to use the Extron Dealer-only web site to enter orders, track shipments and access many more resources.

If you have any special issues or concerns, I would be happy to hear from you. Please contact me directly at: On behalf of myself and the entire Extron Europe team I want to thank you for your previous business and welcome you to working even closer with us in the future.


Andrew C. Edwards
President, Extron Electronics

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